Konsortium Express & Tours

Making the travel memorable with Konsortium Express & Tours

As a discerning traveler, there is no reason why you should stress yourself by either using your car or keeping up with the airline schedules and transfers. This is because; there are many bus companies which are at the disposal of travelers. One such company is the Konsortium Express & Tours which mainly transverse across Malaysia and Singapore. This bus company has served the clients diligently and in turn gained outstanding reputation. Therefore, for one travelling in these places, you do not have to go for an airline and suffer the transfer processes while you can readily get the Konsortium travel at will. This company has satisfied the tourists in many ways over time.

For one, you are offered the opportunity of making an online booking prior to your travel. This is very convenient as you can make the booking at your home or office many days before the travel date. Through the simple booking of ticket to Kuala Lumpur or any other place, you get seats reserved for you thereby eliminating stress on the travel day.

Still, with Konsortium Express & Tours, you are offered essential options of express travel or even charter. This is meant to cater to client’s preference. Thus, for a business which needs to make a private comfortable travel to Malaysia or Singapore, you can charter a coach from this company and make the trip memorable.

Additionally,Konsortium Express & Tours company has extensive routes from which it makes stop. This includes the major cities and town like Penang, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and many others. Apart from the existent stops, more are being introduced all in the aim of making the travel as flexible as possible. A good way of getting to know the pickup locations and travel plans is by looking at the travel schedule which is constantly updated to keep the travelers well informed. Therefore, if you want to make travel plans easily and enjoy diverse packages, Konsortium Express & Tours is a great option to consider.

Korsortium Express Malaysia Office:-
Lot 73 & 86, Jalan Logam 5,
Kamunting Industrial Estate,34600 Kamunting,
Taiping Perak D.R. Malaysia.
Fax No : 05-8912880

Online bus booking can be made @ http://www.easybook.com

Konsortium Express Bus Schedule

Please Note: The schedule and fares stated by the table below in Singaporebus.org only serves as a guide. The alteration of fares and time schedules are at the preference of the bus/coach operators. Therefore, it’s durably advisable to contact the Konsortium Express Bus operators for most updated information.

No. Bus Routes Time
1. Singapore – Melaka 8.30 AM
2. Singapore – KL 7.30 AM, 8.30 AM, 9.00 AM, 10.30 AM, 1.00 PM, 3.00 PM, 7.00 PM, 10.00 PM, 10.30 PM
3. Singapore – Genting Highlands 6.45 AM, 8.00 AM, 10.30 PM
4. Singapore – Hatyai 7.00 PM
5. Singapore – Butterworth, Penang 9.00 AM, 9.30 PM, 10.00 PM
6. Singapore – Cameron Highlands 10.30 PM
7. Singapore – Kuantan 10.00 PM
8. Singapore – Ipoh 10.00 PM

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