Transtar Express

Transtar Express bus from Malaysia to Singapore

When you need to travel between Singapore and Malaysia, you have the option of taking a flight, a train or a bus ride. A flight takes less than thirty minutes while it takes roughly 6 hours by train and bus. Of all these means of travel, the most adventurous, convenient and economical way to travel between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Bangkok is by bus.

Traveling between Malaysia and Singapore by bus gives you a rare opportunity to experience the beautiful scenery along the journey in a way that no other means of transport can offer. The 6-hour journey allows you to have time for your-self as you enjoy luxurious style comfort of the Transtar Express.
You can travel in a spacious 16 seater or 25 seater luxury buses. Standard buses with up to 40 Seats are also available. All passengers on the luxury bus get to enjoy spacious first-class experience with a number of entertainment options available.

A massaging chair, Audio and Video entertainment through a personal LCD screen, Computer games and an attendant to serve refreshments are some of the little luxuries available along the journey. This is a far more economical way to enjoy extreme style and luxury.

Some of the extras include hotel bookings and online ticket booking. You can conveniently book and pay your bus ticket through online payments like Visa and Master Card. Book your bus tickets wherever you are. Since it is an express journey with very few stops along the way, you can take the time to work on your laptop, read or make any preparation you need to especially if your are traveling on business.

Cheaper standard 40 seater buses is ideal of students and individuals looking for a more economical means of travel. Bus travel is more convenient because you get more options when it comes to pickup points as opposed to train stations and Airports.

Transtar Express Office:-
5001 Beach Road #01-12
Golden Mile Complex
Singapore 199588.
Tel : +65 6299 9009

Online bus booking can be made @

Transtar Express Bus Schedule

Please Note: The schedule and fares stated by the table below in  only serves as a guide. The alteration of fares and time schedules are at the preference of the bus/coach operators. Therefore, it’s durably advisable to contact the bus operators for most updated information.

From To Time
Singapore Kuala Lumpur 07:30 AM, 08:30 AM, 09:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 02:30 PM, 07:00 PM
Kuala Lumpur Singapore 07:00 AM, 02:30 PM, 06:00 PM
Singapore Genting Highland 06:45 AM
Genting Highland Singapore 02:30 PM
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