Bus from Singapore to KL airport

Both Singapore as well as Malaysia are beautiful destinations and are known for travel and tourism purposes. Besides a wide range of scenic attractions, these places are also known for offering exquisite cuisines, entertainment and many more things to enjoy. Travellers usually visit both destinations when planning vacation to any of these places. If someone wishes to go to KL airport from Singapore, he or she can take bus services instead of air transportation. This service is not only cost effective but also offers an opportunity to see the wonderful sights on the way.

In Singapore, Express buses terminal is located from where buses can be boarded easily to KL Airport. This terminal is located at Golden Mile Tower or Golden Mile Complex. A wide range of buses like Konsortium Express, Starmart Express, Five Stars and Grassland Express are available from this terminal. The bus tickets can be easily bought online as well as at bus terminals. Besides bus terminal, there are several other places in Singapore from where bus tickets can be bought. From Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands also, direct coach transfer services can be taken. Since bus travel has become quite convenient and simple, more and more people are utilizing this service. Though, a lot of budget airlines offer their services between these two destinations, people prefer travelling through bus.

Bus ride is not only comfortable but also best from sightseeing point of view. The seats used in these VIP buses with 27 seats are quite spacious. Also, the space between seats is quite comfortable. The space between front row seats and seats at the back is sufficient for inclining seats reaching approximately 70 degree. On the other hand, until and unless a person travels through first class, he will not be able to sit comfortably and conveniently. This is the reason people go for bus services when travelling from Singapore to KL airport.

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