Bus from Singapore to Batu Pahat

The Republic of Singapore is an independent city state and an island country in South Eastern Asia. Its territory consists of a lozenge shaped main island popularly known as Singapore Island or Pulau Ujong in Malay. It has a total of 60 smaller islets. It is one of the world’s main commercial hubs, with one of five busiest ports. The official languages here are English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin.

Batu Pahat, also known as Bandar Penggaram or BP is a town in the district of Batu Pahat. It is located on the North West coast of Johor State in Malaysia, lies southeast of Muar and south of Segamat. The town has developed very fast over the past few years, something that has encouraged people from the neighbouring towns to come and visit the shopping centers, malls and hypermarkets.

Taking a bus from Singapore to Batu Pahat is the most convenient way to travel between these two destinations. Here is why:

A journey by bus can be a very interesting way to see the country, enjoy the beautiful landscapes and other beautiful features. Travel is also made as comfortable as possible as the buses are fitted with air conditioning. These buses bear very comfortable seats that make your journey smooth since passengers get to rest their backs comfortably and have adequate space for their legs to stretch. That’s not all; there are also small tables for eating and playing cards or any other activities passengers may want to indulge in. Some long distance bus companies even show movies and offer free Wi-Fi on board so that they can be able to use their laptops, ipads and other internet devices. Buses also have restrooms on the bus. This journey takes approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on traffic but with all these advantages, the journey seems much shorter. For further convenience of their clients, bus companies on this route have enabled their customers to be able to do their bookings via Easibook. This service allows travelers to enjoy the convenience of booking these luxurious buses online from the comfort of their homes. This way, passengers do not have to queue at the bus stations waiting to buy their tickets.


Guide to travel from Singapore to Batu Pahat by bus

Travel to Batu Pahat from Singapore by bus

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