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The Republic of Singapore is an independent city state and an island country in South Eastern Asia. Its territory consists of a lozenge shaped main island popularly known as Singapore Island or Pulau Ujong in Malay. It has a total of 60 smaller islets. It is one of the world’s main commercial hubs, with one of five busiest ports. The famous languages here are English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin.

The Cameron Highlands, also called Tanah Tinggi Cameron in Malay is Malaysia’s most widespread hill stations. It sits on an area of about 712 sq km, the size of Singapore. It is located on the north-western tip of Pahang and is roughly 90 kilometers.

Taking a bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands is the best and most convenient way to travel. This is because the luxury buses that operate on this route have in them very convenient and comfortable in -coach facilities like the adjustable seats, with seat belts and leg rest. These buses are also air conditioned therefore passengers get to enjoy fresh air and perfect temperatures throughout the journey. These coaches are also fitted with personal TVs, with music videos and movies. Another benefit of taking a bus from Singapore is the fact that the bus departure points are always in the city area making accessibility easy. Traveling by bus also has economic benefits since other means of transportation are expensive. Another advantage is that these buses are available hourly and there are plenty of them, you will always find one. Travel by bus has been made even easier since passengers can access online bus booking services through easybook. Over 60 bus operators in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have adapted to this convenient way of buying travel tickets online. This, travelers can do online from wherever they are and do not have to put up with the inconvenience of booking manually. After an online booking the passenger only needs to avail him/herself to the bus terminal 30 minutes before departure time.

Travel by bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands

Guide to travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands by bus

Travel to Cameron Highlands from Singapore by bus

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