Bus From Singapore to Hatyai

Singapore is an island country in South-East Asia. The country consist of 63 islands and has a lot of parks and nature reserves. It is also a major commercial center and is home to diverse cultures even though ethnic Asians predominate. Traveling is a favorite pastime among Singaporeans and one of the most popular destinations is Thailand. Hatyai also known as Hadyaai, located in Thailand near the border with Malaysia is one of the most beautiful cities in the south region. It is also celebrated as the largest metropolitan city in that area. The beauty of the city attracts many shoppers from Singapore who mainly patronize the town as a one stop shopping destination for electronics and clothing but there are several other attractions for visitors such as the breathtaking scenery and amazing landmarks. The Malaysian city of Alor setar is just about 100km away and getting across the border doesn’t pose much difficulty for those wanting to explore.

There are many means of travel but going by bus from Singapore to Hatyai remains one of the largely popular modes of commute if you really want to experience the exotic beauty of Thailand. The beautiful scenery will keep you in awe throughout out the trip. The trip by bus though long is very pleasant because air conditioning and comfortable seating are available. A lot of time can be saved and several inconveniences avoided if you book the bus from Singapore to Hatyai ahead of your journey. Passengers can book and make payments for bus tickets online at easybook.com from a list of the various operators available on the site. The user friendly interface of the easybook.com on any device makes it simpler for commuters to pick their desired travel times and pick up points from the comforts of their homes/offices or when they are on the go.

Bus From Singapore to Hatyai

Guide to travel from Singapore to Hatyai by bus

Travel to Hatyai from Singapore by bus

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