Bus From Singapore to Kuantan

Before you hop on the bus from Singapore to Kuantan make time to enjoy some of the amazing attractions on offer in Singapore. If you love the deep blue sea be sure to visit Marine Life Park, the largest aquarium in the world. For thrill seekers, Universal Studios offers amazing rides like Madagascar. If you prefer more natural surroundings take the Forest Adventure and climb between tree tops on ropes. A less energetic experience can be found at the Wonder Full light, water and laser spectacle set to a beautiful soundtrack or relax at the live Wings of Time show in the evening.

Once you arrive at Kuantan there are a variety of places worth visiting. 5 km to the northeast you can visit the beautiful beach at Teluk Cempedak for water sports like kayaking and boating. The amazing Berkelah Falls is a spectacular waterfall 9 km outside of Kuantan. If you like animals there is a free mini zoo near the golf course. At the village of Beserah you can buy fresh fish daily at wholesale prices. Salted fish is a specialty product you should try. The island of Pulau Ular is associated with snakes and pirates during the 11th century. The bus from Singapore to Kuantan takes around 4 to 5 hours depending on the traffic and time of day. Fortunately, all bus coaches are spacious with comfortable seating and refreshing air- conditioning so the time will fly by bus from Singapore to Kuantan. Most bus operators will stop for a 20 minute refreshment break during the journey. The easiest and quickest way to book your tickets in advance from the comfort of your own home is a site like www.easybook.com. This one-stop platform allows you to book thousands of journeys, including the bus from Singapore to Kuantan. Save yourself the trouble of queueing at the station with an advance tickets booked online.

Bus From Singapore to Kuantan

Guide to travel from Singapore to Kuantan by bus

Travel to Kuantan from Singapore by bus

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