Bus from Singapore to Perlis

Public transport network is not well spread in Perlis, therefore it would be better to have your own car to travel around. However taking a bus from Singapore to Perlis, a small state in Malaysia is a very popular route. Any locals and tourists in Singapore really love to travel by bus from Singapore to Perlis because of the magnificent and pleasing landscapes. The 4-5 hour journey is safe and fun because of the well-built roads together with its astonishing features. It is a very pleasing getaway for road trips for holidays and weekends. People wanting to enjoy the entertaining destinations and the satisfactory climate find this route irresistible.

Bus from Singapore to Perlis


One of the best things traveling by bus from Singapore to Perlis is the fact that you can buy your tickets online. Easybook.com is an online site providing you the chance to buy tickets and to book the desired journeys with the best travel bus companies in Singapore. Main bus companies that work from Perlis to Singapore by bus include Golden Couch express, StarMart Express and WTS Travel. In addition, more information about the buses can be accessed from Easybook.com where most of the bus trips were set up only 1 month in advance or particular bus company websites. For instance, Golden couch Express is a reliable bus company in Singapore as it has served travelers for very many years. In addition to the thrilling and joyous experience, the company offers good custom services at very affordable prices. Once you arrive at Perlis you can use a taxi or other means to get your precise destination.

Bus from Singapore to Perlis

When getting to the departure points in Singapore, most of the drop-off points in Perlis are strategic enough for passengers to take the nearest public transport and station to their chosen destination.

Booking bus tickets online saves you a lot of time and money. Moreover, you do not have to visit a company’s bus agencies for you to get bus tickets or book a certain journey. Buses from Singapore to Perlis are comfortable with TV entertainment screens to avoid boredom and inclusive VIP services¬†

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