Express bus Singapore Guide

The extra edge of bus compared to flights

In modern times there are many luxuries and economical modes of transportation are available and is has helped to get the best service within affordable rates. The luxury coaches are very much popular amongst individuals traveling between Singapore and Malaysia. Though there are many budget airlines available in that particular region it is suitable to take the luxury buses which are far cheaper and comfortable as well. Reports suggest every year nearly tens of thousands passengers travel in that route and there are workers, students, working professionals for business purposes and tourists who travel to different parts like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang.

To hit up the competition with low cost airlines the private bus services are offering high quality and luxury buses for that reason and that too in cheaper prices. There are many facilities such as online ticket booking, lots of pick up points, different new routes. The comfortable features that are available with modern day buses and first class services have given a better option to passengers and for that reason they are choosing bus over flights around that reason. The seats are much wider, spacious and luxurious making your travel comfortable.

The bus services takes around 5 hours compared to one hour journey by flight but is worth the money you can save considering all other features as well. Bus is also favorable for passengers who need to have constant mobile network accessibility and with the bus services you can exactly meet that need, however with flights you need to switch off your mobile and wait until you reach the destination. This is perfect for individuals who are in constant need of network either with their family or official purposes. All such features add up and for that reason it is suitable to choose express bus services between Singapore and Malaysia.

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