Guide to travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands by bus

Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular hill stations in Malaysia. It occupies an area of approximately 712 square kilometres the same size as Singapore. It is situated about 90 kilometres from Ipoh and approximately 200 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. Being the smallest constituency in Pahang, Cameron Highlands is located 600 kilometres away from Singapore. Due to its spectacular attraction sites and interesting things to do around, Cameron highland receives a considerable number of visitors every year. Most people traveling to Cameron Highland from Singapore prefer using a bus. The road up the highland has undergone some renovations making it safe and convenient for the users.

Depending on your schedule, you can consider taking a bus direct to Cameron Highlands or take one to Malaysia and then from Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh. There are several bus companies, but you deserve the best that will give you a fast and safe drive. Konsortium Express and five stars are among the best buses you can use when traveling from Singapore to Cameron Highlands. Konsortium Express operates on daily basis and departs at the Golden Mile Tower at 10:30 PM. For better planning, make an effort of arriving at the bus terminal about 30 minutes before time.

The journey will take you about 8 to 9 hours depending on weather and traffic. The bus makes several stops including Lake House, Ringlet Hotel, Brinchang Hotel and Equatorial Hotel. You can also prefer alighting at Copthorne Hotel in Brinchang. With the increasing use of the internet, you can book a ticket today from the convenience of your home. Booking a ticket today with will cost you about $65. Your seat will automatically be reserved once the transaction is completed. Make an informed decision and travel to Cameron highlands from Singapore at an affordable price by bus.

Information on Cameron Highlands

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