Guide to travel from Singapore to Johor by bus

Johor is a wonderful resort city that anybody who visits Singapore should look to visit as there is plenty available for tourists to see and do. In recognition of this fact there are a lot of bus and coach services that run to the city so here is a brief guide to travel by bus from Singapore to Johor.

The first thing to note is that services change depending on which day of the week you travel. Friday is the peak and sees services being run by a host of coach companies including; The One Travel and Tours, Transnasional, Transtar and Eltabina. All run services from different departure points and to different locations so it is extremely important to research where you want to go and which service is best for your needs before choosing one.

Generally speaking you will be paying about S$20 for your ticket, which can be booked online on This is the recommended method as it ensures that you have a seat waiting for you when you arrive at the departure point. Also worthy of note is that Transnasional and Transtar offer slightly cheaper travel rates, which in turn makes them more popular, so if you wish to travel with one of these companies be sure to purchase your ticket well in advance.

Pickup locations depend on the company operating the service and can be any one of the following; The Golden Mile Complex, The Plaza Beach, Boon Lay and the Textile Service.

Some of the services will take you directly to resort attractions such as Legoland or the Hello Kitty Town and Little Big Club, however many will also take you to specific regions in Johor, such as Mersing, Kluang and Yong Peng.

All the bus covered this route are equipped with air conditioned and comfortable seats. Book a bus ticket on today if you are planning to guide to travel from Singapore to Johor by bus and skip the queue time.

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