Guide to travel from Singapore to Terengganu by bus

Terengganu is well known for its beautiful beaches and islands including the popular Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang and Pulau Kapas. Travelling from Singapore to Terengganu is the smartest and easiest way to do it considering the fair price and hassle free ticket booking. You don’t have to spend hours in the queue to buy tickets, in fact, you can do it online through

There are some of the reliable bus operators providing you daily bus services. These include Konsortium Express and Transnasional. If you are looking for the smartest guide to travel by bus from Singapore to Terengganu, you have it in your fingertips.

When you are travelling to Terengganu from Singapore, it can take somewhere around 8 to 9 hours to reach your destination. However, it depends on the traffic pressure at the time. The alighting point, although is Kuala Terengganu Bus terminal. For people who are traveling there, the departure points are Golden Mile tower and The Plaza Beach Road. There are various drop off points in Terengganu which is Merang Jetty and Shahbandar Jetty. You might want to chose a drop off point which is more convenient for you.

Apart from travelling convenience, another great thing about these bus services is the regular bus interval. All the buses stop occasionally for intervals for about 15 to 20 minutes on the routes so that passenger can get some refreshment or what they need to do before setting off for the journey again. But the best thing, passengers most of the times don’t need to get off for refreshment. This is because the well equipped buses consist of the state of the art facilities, like comfortable seats and air-conditioned interior.

Along with comfort, the cost of traveling is extremely affordable. The cost of children tickets is cheaper than the adult tickets. Adult price cost about S$70. However, the best way to book your tickets is to visit and book it before your travel. You will get all the necessary information you need about your travel on the website. This online ticket booking service will undoubtedly help you avoid all the fuss. All you need to do is simply book the tickets online from the website and that’s all. Be assured of a comfortable trip ahead.

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