Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and it’s known as the muddy city because it’s placed at the confluence of two rivers, bordered by mountains. There are several objectives to visit but to remember is Lake Gardens , National monument, Petronas Towers and Independence market.

What is so great about those places? Lake Gardens is a huge park with lush vegetation where you can even have the impression that you’re in jungle.Also it is the largest bird park in the world , with more than 160 bird species, mostly from South-western Asia . Moreover there is a whole department with butterflies and an impressive orchids and hibiscus collection. It is located at the periphery and it’s a 92-hectare green space which became the residential area where wealthy Britons, Kuala Lumpur’s residents build their houses. Also here can be found National Planetarium where scientific films are running dedicated exclusively to children.

Impressive is the national monument which was built in honor of the fallen soldiers in the second world war. Also not to be missed is the Independence market with its wonderful islamic buildings and National Mosque which is a huge and very modern building, whose construction was inspired by the Great Mosque at Mecca Let’s not forget Kampung Baru which is Malay district of Kuala Lumpur like the China Town and India and it is a picturesque neighborhood, consisting charm of its streets, which keeps a sleepy atmosphere Malay village with wooden houses and lush gardens. Although renovated in the 80’s the old train station, KL Train Station, has a shabby appearance, as most rail services were taken over by the train station, KL Sentral. Why are the Malaysian friendly? The harmony between the three ethnic groups, Malay, Chinese and Indian , is the secret of their success, as in 50 years since independence they managed to transform the capital and country into a modern world, heavily industrialized, with a perfect infrastructure.

Speaking of Indians, Thean Thou Temple is a Buddhist temple dedicated to Thean Hou Mother. While on the floor of the temple there is a beautiful view of the surroundings, restaurants and shops downstairs Let’s not forget about Petronas Towers which are the highest twin buildings in the world. Another emblem of the city, though eclipsed by the Petronas Towers is Menara Tower (421 m). It is a telecommunications tower that rises above the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve nature reserve which is a natural reserve located in the very center.All in all Kuala Lumpur is a great place to visit and live, where the nature and technology are perfect combined.

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