Penang is one of the most beautiful states located in Malaysia. The state is also regarded as the main food capital for Malaysia. It has a population of about 1,600,000 and is considered as the 8th most populous state in Malaysia.
Penang state is a hot spot when it comes to tourist destinations. The state boasts of being rich in terms of cultural diversity. Chinese and Malay Indians among other races live in this state. The fascinating beaches and the seas are among the natural attraction sites in the state. For those who prefer some peace and tranquillity the historical sites and nature parks will leave you longing for more. George Town, Penang’s capital is also a favorite for many. Mainly due to its architectural buildings and heritage sites such as colonial buildings that date back to the 19th century.

December and early January is a perfect time to visit the area. This is usually summer time in the region and you get to bask in the sun in one of the many beaches in Penang one of the most famous beaches being the Batu Ferringhi Beach. It’s not just about staying under the waters, you have the option of wind surfing, canoeing, or just basking under the sun. In the evening tourists and locals get to enjoy open-air selling of items that range from souvenir items, food, arts, and sculptures made by the Penang locals. You simply get to enjoy the carnival ambiance!

Penang is also widely known for its cuisine. Hawker stalls can be found lined up all over the street. The food sold also represents the diversity of the Penang residents ranging from the Malay, Indian, Nyoya you simply can’t run out of food in the Penang streets. Hence making it the number one food spot for Malaysia.

Penang is definitely a must visit for anyone who enjoys great cuisine, natural attractions, adventures and possibly anything under the sun!

If your are from Singapore, it would be a great choice to take a bus from Singapore to Penang for holiday.

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