Top 10 restaurants in Singapore

The most famous thing of Singapore since time immemorial is its street food. The first independent hotel of the city-sate was Les Amis, a French restaurant of high quality. Today, the street foods of Singapore are still known to be famous but they are more affordable and tasty in the Strait of Malaysia. In the last ten years, Singapore has become a destination for the young chefs from all across the world who want to prove their talent with their own concepts of restaurants and finance. The dining scene in Singapore has recently become more diversified. Most of the chefs have become successful in making establishments with a big name and have also started to open trendy branches for catering the large number of tourists.


The Gastrosmiths has proved to be a favorite for the foodies. Here, one gets a mixture of the foods from the Italian, Japanese, Canadian and Spanish cuisine. The desserts and the baked stuffs are cooked fresh every day. The Wild Rocket is run by the chef Willin Low who was previously a lawyer. He is known to be the father of the modern cuisine of Singapore. The food he prepares is extremely sophisticated. The best addition of the restaurant is the dining bar. The Singapore Noodles- his best preparation is a must have. Other famous dishes which is a must have restaurant are salted egg crab ball, frozen coconut ice-cream, pomelo salad with tiger prawns.


The Chopsuey Café is a takeaway for the Chinese dishes. Here, one can get the best preparation of orange beef, chopsuey, General Tso’s chicken and prawn toast. &Sons offers great cocktails in a setting which is ultra casual. The patrons usually sit at the tables and also at the long counters which can also be referred as the bars. The customers can get a taste of the lamb tenderloins, pumpkin tortelli, cannellini and dry salami which is Italian. The Izy is a Japanese pub which is both sophisticated and trendy in the spheres of dining and drinking. It delivers a creative and comforting Japanese food. One can take a tasting menu for 120 dollars. The cheese ice cream drizzled with honey is a must have.

Asian Laksa noodle: Famous spicy Singapore Laksa complete with sliced lemon and hot green chili.

Asian Laksa noodle: Famous spicy Singapore Laksa complete with sliced lemon and hot green chili.

Ding Dong is one of the priciest restaurants. It has an exciting menu and the foods are Asian inspired. One can get a large variety of drinks in this restaurant. One of the delicious desserts is the Malacca Chendol 2013. Bacchanalia is an extremely affordable restaurant and the menu consists of a variety of dishes. The cauliflower gratin and the vegetable salad is the best savoury of the place. The KKI Sweets is a small cake shop. This cake shop is famous for its sophisticated flavors and combinations. Another place for sundaes and ice creams is the Sunday Folks. Ronin is a small Japanese café and is best for French toast and scrambled egg. The salted caramel brownies are also delicious and the place is great for a perfect meeting and breakfast. There are also many other restaurants which deliver great food and service.

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