Travel to Alor Setar from Singapore by bus

Alor Setar has a lot to offer to travelers coming all the way from Singapore. Being the capital of and largest city in the state of Kedah, it is probably one of the most sought after business, education, tourist and shopping hubs. It is also offers easy connection to the border of Thai, the rest of Kedah and the famous Langkawi Island. Despite having other means of transport such as cheap flights and trains, traveling by bus is the most popular among the public travelers. The convenience and luxury offered by the buses is unequaled when compared to the other transport means. Travel to Alor Setar from Singapore by bustakes approximately 6-8 hours depending on the traffic.

One way tickets can be purchased at respective booking offices or online, costing the traveler from SGD $40 – $42 depending on the coach class and operator. presents the traveler with a chance to avoid time wastage and hustles related to booking tickets at the bus offices. They offer elaborated information on the journey and bus operators which in turn guides you when choosing the perfect coach for your travel.

The Singapore to Alor Setar route is one of the common routes and therefore has a number of express bus operators serving it. They include Konsortium Express & Tours, KKKL Express and Sri Maju Express. Puduraya Bus Terminal, Golden Mile Complex, Duta Bus Station, golden Mile Tower, Hentian Duta Station and Bukit Kayu Hitam Bus Terminal are the different pick up points in Singapore. Alor Setar on the other hand has only one common drop off point, the Alor Setar Bus Terminal. Passengers can then find other means such as the MRT Service and taxis to reach their specific destinations once they have alighted at the terminal.

Air conditioners, complimentary Wi-Fi, TV sets and reclining seats are some of the extra features included in the buses to ensure passenger comfort and luxury during the journey. Buying tickets online at is the most reliable way to get tickets and has advantages such as discounts during holidays and upon liking their Facebook fan page, associated with it.

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