Travel to Desaru from Singapore by bus

Desaru is a coastal town, which is 72 km Northeast of Singapore. The Journey by bus from Singapore to Desaru can take approximately 2 hrs 20 minutes via route 89, depending with the traffic on the road, and the weather condition. The journey involved travelling by bus from Singapore to Changi terminal where then they take a ferry across the Singapore strait to TJ Belungkor, then the journey proceed by road again to Desaru. This is one of the cheapest way to travel to Desaru from Malaysia, and it has the best experience of travelling as the passengers enjoy the Beauty of Malaysia by sight-seeing all along the way as they travel. This has made travelling by bus one of the most preferred modes of travel to Desaru from Singapore by bus, and the regular travelers.

Travelling by bus is the most convenient way to travel along this route. Several bus companies ply this route on a very regular interval, which is very flexible and convenient for various travelers. The buses are modern, very comfortable fitted with wide and reclining seats, with enough legroom, they have onboard entertainment and driven by well-trained drivers. On the ground, there are well-trained and disciplined staffs to serve and give direction to travelers. On to all this, the roads are well paved and maintained, thus giving the travelers a very smooth ride all the way.

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