Travel to Kluang from Singapore by bus

Singapore is a small island country in Southeast Asia. This city has over half its area covered with greens. You will enjoy good tropical climate whole year round in Singapore. This country is although small but is multiracial therefore multicultural. One of the most common method to travel from Singapore to Kluang is by bus.

Kluang is a town in state of Johor, situated in the center of Johor. This place is mainly served by railway and roads. The name Kluang comes from the word Keluang which is a type of flying fox.  Kluang is most famous for its coffee and food. You may find one of the best Malaysian food here in Kluang.

This route is served by various bus companies, such as The One Travel and Five Stars Express. Both bus company offers great service. You may chose to depart from these departing points, Golden Mile Complex or Boon Lay Shopping complex. The journey from Singapore to Kluang takes around 3 hours. For travelers, they alight at the Kluang bus terminal.

Taking a bus from Singapore to Kluang is easy. One does not need to queue up in bus terminal to get a ticket anymore. With every bus ticket purchase is made easy with their online service. This ensure you that you will get your prefered seat and schedule without having to leave your house. You can book a bus ticket anywhere as long as there is Internet service. It saves you time and therefore efficient for you.

Information on Kluang

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