Travel to Mersing from Singapore by bus

Tourists from all over the world and Malaysia travel to Mersing from Singapore by bus to enjoy the beautiful scenery. To add to this it is a good place to stock up for individuals who would wish to explore the islands around Mersing especially Pulau Tioman. Many tourists prefer this tourist destination probably because it is only a 4 hour journey from Singapore hence a good place for people seeking exotic Malaysian culture from the traditional town of Mersing. Mersing is majorly a fishing township with sandy beaches and coasts for a wide range of leisure activities.

A wide range traveling options are available for travellers from Singapore to Mersing such as ferry driving or plane. However, bus travel would be most convenient as it not only costs S$ 11.10, but also allows you to enjoy beautiful scenery on the way. Bus tickets can be purchased online from at the convenience of your home.

One of the bus companies that offer transportation services between these two towns is Transnasional bus company. Transnasional is a popular household name in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. it is a pioneer in the transportation sector in this part of the world and offers affordable first class services including great entertainment services and insurance for passengers. it picks up its travelers from Kallang Bahru/Lavender street junction and drops them off at T. Baru Mersing. Its departure times are at 9 am 10 am and 10 pm.

For passengers travelling between these two destinations are advised to book their tickets online. it is very fast, convenient as it can be accessed from any part of the world, cheap, saves on time and offers a wide range of bus companies and route information to choose from. The buses are fitted with air condition entertainment with comfortable seats. all these advantages are made possible by which makes it possible to do online booking.

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