Travel to Tioman from Singapore by bus

Singapore is a large and densely populated island with most of the people living in urban areas since there are a few rural areas. Singapore has many activities to do that has made it a wealthy destination, and with little rural settlements. On the other hand, Tioman is a sparsely populated island on the other side of the Singapore. The island has a dense evergreen forest and has large coral reefs for you to visit. This island has a wide range of beautiful scenes that you must visit when you are on tour to Singapore. it is worth noting that there are many modes of transport to choose from if you want to visit Tioman from Singapore.

If you choose to travel to Tioman from Singapore by bus then, visit and make your booking easily and safely. Bus companies offering services on this route are WTS, Transnational, Maju Express and The One Travel. After you choose the company to travel with, proceed to Singapore flyer for the departure. The journey is 3 hours long although it depends on the bus company you choose travel with. On the way, the bus will make stop- over at Kampung Air Batang, Kampung Paya, Kampung Genting, Panuba bay and Kampung Salang. The arrival destination is Pulau Tioman, where you will find scenic places that are worth your attention.

When you travel to Tioman from Singapore by bus, you are guaranteed of comfort and affordability. Further, the bus does not limit you to carry a given weight of luggage. Indeed, traveling by bus is cheaper than by air. Further, buses travelling to Tioman from Singapore are readily available than the airplanes that travel only a few days of the week. makes it easy and convenient for you to purchase a bus ticket from Singapore to Tioman. The website is readily available for you to use 24 hours a day and 7 days of a week. If you wish to get more information about buying tickets, visit and you will find all the information you need.

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