Travel to Ipoh from Singapore by bus

When you plan to travel to Ipoh, the capital city of Perak in Malaysia and you want an enjoyable and affordable travel then you opt for the bus service. Travel to Ipoh by bus from Singapore is the most comfortable and cheapest mode of travel. In the absence of any direct flights, the bus service is the most practical mode of transport available that gives you an option of choosing your drop off point.

It takes around 8 hours to cover the distance from Singapore to Ipoh. The best way to ensure a peaceful travel is to plan your trip and choose your destination. Now after deciding your date and time, select your bus liner because you have a range of operators offering the service. When you book your ticket online through, you get to choose from Golden Coach Express, Sri Maju, Lapan Lapan Travel, Konsortium and Eltabina Express. The main points of departure are Golden Mile Complex, City Plaza Singapore, Textile Centre, Key Point, Park Royal Hotel, Golden Mile Tower and Boon Lay Shopping Centre.

The prime points of arrival are Ipoh Amanjaya & Ipoh Jalan Bendahara. Before you undertake your trip, do take care to browse through, it’s your comprehensive guide to the various routes taken by the express buses and coaches in Singapore. When you opt for an online bus ticket booking, you opt for convenience and peace of mind. You don’t have to hassle yourself in long queues neither do you have to safe guard your paper ticket until your date of travel. You choose your seats from within the confines of your house and to top it all, you get discounts and loyalty points. The transactions are totally safe and in time. So, next time when you plan to travel to Ipoh from Singapore by bus, enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with an online booking through, the biggest integrated coach portal and the most respected and in the field of online bus ticket booking,

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