Travel to Melaka by Bus From Singapore

While traveling by plane is a good option for fast traveling time, traveling by bus from Singapore to Melaka is a lot better in terms of savings, convenience, and adventure. It may be slower compared to plane, but it is faster as opposed to other wheeled transportation. If you are planning to travel to Melaka from Singapore, consider traveling by bus because:

  • You will save more money.

Indeed, you will save money if you travel by bus. With this, you can enjoy your vacation very much, as you have enough money for your travel. You do not have to worry about other expenses. If you choose an airline, you know you will spend a lot of money, especially if you are traveling with your family.

  • You will be provided with comfort and convenience.

If you take a plane, you are not allowed to use your mobile phone and other gadgets. They have to be turned off. However, if you take a bus, you are allowed to use your mobile phone, laptop, etc. with, of course, Wi-Fi connectivity (in some buses). Express buses also have spacious seats to make you feel more comfortable.

  • You will truly experience adventure, even if you are on a bus.

Riding on a bus is already an adventure, as you will see the beauty of nature. Even if you are on a bus, you will be able to explore and witness how beautiful Melaka is. You can also take pictures while riding on it. If you prefer traveling by plane, you can see nothing, but clouds and dust.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, traveling by express bus is also safe and fast (but not as faster as the air transport services). It is safe because you do not have to stop by and take another wheeled transportation again just to get to Melaka. Express buses travel without stopping and they go faster than ordinary buses.

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