Travel to Penang by bus from Singapore

Tourists to Malaysa love to visit the Penang Island for its beaches and attraction sites. But instead of flying there many visitors to Penang prefer to travel to Penang by bus from Singapore as they take in the beautiful scenic view an go sightseeing at the various stop overs .

Traveling to Penang by bus from Singapore is fun regardless of whether you are traveling alone or as a group. All the buses are in perfect condition and the road to Penang from Singapore is good and you are assured of a smooth and comfortable ride all the way. It takes around nine hours to get to Penang with several stop overs in between. The beauty of it is that you can do your bookings online and in advance as you make your travel plans by visiting the website

Here you will find all information on buses that ply the route. The booking is so simple, all you need to enter is the origin of your journey, your destination, date and time of travel and you will be presented with a list of several buses to choose from. You can also choose whether to book a round trip or a one way trip.

Once you have confirmed your bookings by payment you will have to get to one of the pick up points from where you can board your bus in Singapore. The common bus pick up points in Singapore are: Golden Mile Tower, Boon Lay shopping center and the Golden Mile Express. From here you will be able to board the your express bus to Penang and can drop at any of the following destinations: Juru toll, Penang Sentral or Sungai Nibong bus terminal located in Penang island.

So if you are planning to tour Singapore be ready for the temptation to visit the Penang islands, most tourists do not want to miss out on the tour and the best way to enjoy your holiday is to travel by bus from Singapore to Penang, you will never forget the experience.

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