What to do in Singapore

Singapore is a place where the tourists and the visitors seldom get a chance to feel bored as there are lots to see, enjoy and do. Primarily the tourists indulge themselves into shopping the different products from the costly brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton. And after one is done with the shopping, it is recommended to the tourists to stack their purchases in their hotel rooms and move out to enjoy the real charms and beauties of Singapore. Other than the famous spots, there are a lot of other places to visit where the tourists generally do not go.


In Singapore, nothing really opens till 11:00 am. So, there is no need to waste time and one can directly head to the Botanic Gardens which are open from 5 in the morning till midnight. This downtown of Singapore is green and cool and one can find joggers, pets and the practitioners of tai-chi. One can wander through the paths and walkways of the virgin rainforest and can then visit the National Orchid Garden, where one can find 1000 species of orchids of varied colors and over 2000 types of hybrids. One can then enjoy a local breakfast in the food court which is near the Tanglin Gate. The lovers of art and the others can also visit Ritz-Carlton Hotel for enjoying the artwork and the sculptures- a beautiful blend of the contemporary and the modern art. The Hotel does not charge the tourists for viewing the famous artworks. One even gets a guided tour with the help of an iPod.


If one wants to enjoy a cultural thing, one should surely visit the heritage center of the Chinatown. This is a place where one will get to see the recreated versions of the kitchens, bedrooms along with the scenes of the streets from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. One can actually get an authentic slice of history of Singapore in this place. Apart from this, the place is perfect for tasting the Chinese foods as there are a number of Chinese restaurants and the streets are filled up with hawkers and vendors selling the same. Singapore is famous for the electronic gadgets like DVD players which are portable, handicams, cameras, mobile phones, laptops and mp3 players. In the Sim Lim Square, one can get 10 -20% off on these gadgets than the usual prices which are available at the other commercial outlets.

 The Haji Lane is a pretty lane hidden in the heart of the Muslim sector of Singapore. This is the paradise for the fashionistas. The narrow and small shop houses exhibit wide range of fashionable clothes and accessories. The place also has great and fashionable furnishing goods and also has a wide range of beautiful home accessories. One can also enjoy a ride at the Singapore Flyer and the best time for that is at dusk when the skyscrapers of Singapore start being lit. The Seafood Paradise is the best place to have dinner after the Flyer ride.

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