Bus from Singapore To Cameron Highlands

Journey From Singapore To Cameron Highlands By Bus

Why would you spend hours on a journey from Singapore to Cameron Highlands by bus, watching trees pass by and using the bus bathroom, when you could fly instead? This mode of transportation has a reputation of being slow, uncomfortable and sometimes unclean. If you have not tried the modern coaches and Airbuses in a while, you might be very surprised at how much things have changed. Research shows that buses are becoming more popular than other modes like rail and air when it comes to intercity connections. With affordable fares and state-of-the-art amenities like Wi-Fi and extra room to stretch your legs, bus travels have become very exciting.

Buses are often safe and inexpensive mode of transportation. Once on the road, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the sceneries instead of flying over them. Not only will you also enjoy the convenience of being picked and dropped in the heart of Cameron Highland but also have amble time to pack and plan your travel without a rush. Unlike airlines which drop you several miles away from your destination and with very limiting departure times, you have a chance to travel in peace.

Cameron Highlands is an ideal place for tourists who prefer a cool breeze and want to avoid the hectic life of cities. Bus companies have minimized the environmental impacts by installing Eco-friendly features. This makes traveling by bus very safe and healthy as compared to other means of transport. If you are traveling in a group, buses are the best option in terms of saving money and giving you an opportunity to interact with each other and meet the locals along the way. The journey by bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands is about 9 hours, so you have enough time to enjoy the trip. There are several bus companies on this route and most of them have a website with contact details in case you need more information. One of the popular bus company that offers express bus journey from Singapore to Cameron Highlands includes Konsortium Express Bus. The pick up point from Singapore is at Golden Mile Tower and the drop off points includes Brinchang Hotel, Tanah Rata, Copthorne Hotel, Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands and Strawberry Park Resort.

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