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Singapore is an Island country located in the south eastern part of Asia neighboring plenty of islands, of which, there is an island refers to Singapore island in English and it contains 60 other smaller islets and is divided from peninsular Malaysia. Singapore is one of the world’s major commercials huts which own the fourth biggest financial centre and one of the five busiest ports in the world. Singapore mainly depends on its trade, especially manufacturing.

Desaru is a beach and resort area located in Johor, Malaysia. It is located nearby Johor Bahru on the South China Sea. Desaru is one of the popular tourist destinations among the citizens in Singapore. People escape from busy Singapore to enjoy a 25km stretch of beaches and golf course.

Desaru is also known for its Desaru golf and country resort as the resort offers a world class experience to customers in all kinds of facilities a resort can offer. It takes around 90 minutes to reach Desaru from Johor Bahru currently and the local government is building an expressway for the tourists convenience. As said, many people take a bus from Singapore to Desaru to escape from their busy schedules in Singapore. The distance between Singapore to Desaru is around 25KM and entire stretch gives a scenic view of the beaches. Desaru is good to visit only during few seasons, it remains sunny during rainy season but visiting between April and October is a wise decision as June to August would be busier months.

Travelling by bus is considered as more convenient as the cost is very much economical compared to any other means of transport. You can find a list of dependable public transport services from Singapore. As travelling by bus is the cheapest way of travelling by bus from Singapore to Desaru, You can book tickets from easybook.com in order avoid wasting time at the time of journey struggling in the crowded booking offices.

bus from singapore to desaru

Bus from Singapore to Desaru

Guide to travel from Singapore to Desaru by bus

Travel to Desaru from Singapore by bus

From: Singapore To: Desaru, Desaru, Benut, Johor, 81900, Kota Tinggi, Johor

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