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Singapore is a beautiful country, a small island off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is one of the world’s largest commercial hubs and is a beautiful place to live and vacation. It is also one of the most expensive countries in the world, with the highest cost of living based on Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2014 Cost of Living Index. Therefore, when traveling it is important to use your money wisely, and find the best possible rates.

Alor Setar is the capital of Kedah, Malaysia, and is approximately 810 km from Singapore. It is one of the largest cities on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is 45 km from the border of Thailand. Alor Setar is a cultural center, a destination filled with museums, markets and cultural sites. It is a destination for people who love to shop, as Alor Setar has many world class shopping centers, and it is also a hub for vacationers heading to the vacation island of Langkawi.

Flying from Singapore to Alor Setar can be expensive, and driving can often be unsafe and cost prohibitive. Your best bet for the 810 km journey is to take a bus from Singapore to Alor Setar. Direct bus routes are available from Singapore to Alor Setar, and take approximately eight hours. Relax in the comfort of a luxurious air-conditioned, comfortable motor coach, and allow someone else to do the driving. When choosing which bus company to take, and search for the best rates use easybook.com, Singapore and Malaysia’s largest bus ticketing site. Search through thousands of listings and enjoy the ease of booking your ticket online.

Easibook.com does not charge a fee for it’s services, and will beat any competitor’s price. The are the Number One source for bus and coach tickets from Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. So enjoy travelling now by bus from Singapore to Alor Setar.

bus from singapore to alor setar

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