Genting Highlands

Also referred to as ‘the Fun City Above the Cloud’, Genting Highlands is a renowned resort in Malaysia. The resort comprises hotels, a bar and lounge, restaurants and casinos. Based atop Gunung Ulu Kali, the resort is approximately 35km from Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highlands has become one of the favorite getaways for both visitors and residents who want to indulge. The resort overlooks lush vegetation, a stretching rainforest as well as spectacular mountain views.
Genting Highlands is home to the only legal gambling joint in Malaysia. Its casinos are centrally located on top of the mountain. The resort development also has a theme park which provides a wide range of activities for families with children. For instance, you can take your children on fun rides in the park and later enjoy lunch at one of the hotels or restaurants.

Another attraction in Genting Highlands is the First World Hotel which happens to be the largest of its kind in Asia. The Hotel actually has a Guinness World Record to its name. At the First World Hotel, you can take advantage of the luxury accommodation units and the comfort that come with staying at the hotel. Its state-of-the-art facilities also add to its popularity as an exotic accommodation option in Asia.

For those who want serene venues to hold conferences and award ceremonies, Genting Highlands also offers the perfect amenities for this purpose. For instance, at the Arena of Stars, guests can host large ceremonies since the venue can host up to six thousand people.

Genting Highlands offers the perfect getaway for visitors throughout the year. The roads which lead to the resort are all well-constructed and can withstand any type of weather. For unique views of Kuala Lumpur and areas beyond, book your next trip to Genting Highlands and enjoy what the resort has to offer.

It is popular among Singaporean to take a bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands during the holiday season.

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