Guide to travel from Singapore to Kluang by bus

Locals and foreigners travel from Singapore to Kluang by bus every day. They prefer riding in modern luxury buses that offer comfort, safety and convenience. Singapore is a beautiful and prosperous nation in Southeast Asia. Through its big and famous port, Singapore makes most of its revenues via sale of manufactured goods. Although a relatively small metropolitan, Singapore is famous for its lovely tourist landmarks, vibrant nightlife, different Asian cultures and great economy.

Kluang, a town in Johor, Malaysia, is an agricultural town. It boasts oil palm, tea and pineapple plantations. Being the commercial destination of Malaysia, Kluang is heavily developed and makes some of the best terracotta goods. Most people travel in buses from Singapore to Kluang just to explore Kluang’s pottery industry.

With regards to buses, The One Travel and Tours is the perfect choice. It has been recommended by, the internet’s leading booking website. The cost to travel from Singapore to Kluang is S$19.50. The journey takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to complete. The pickup points for The One Travel and Tours, as it relates to a trip from Singapore to Kluang, are two: Boon Lay Shopping Centre and Golden Mile Complex. The alighting or drop off point is one — Kluang Bus Terminal.

Choosing a bus online on is not only quick but also safe and hustle free. You will be able to travel throughout the day starting at 09.30 from Golden Mile Complex and 10.00 from Boon Lay Shopping centre. The next bus departs at 12.00 from Golden Mile Complex and at 12.30 from Boon Lay Shopping Centre. The next two buses depart at 17.30 and 19.30 respectively from the Golden Mile Complex only. There are still two late night buses. One leaves at 21.00 from Boon Lay Shopping Centre and the other one leaves at the same time from Golden Mile Complex.

According to, The One Travel and Tours charges fairly and cheaply and you will pay for a bus ticket directly online. It offers a comfortable ride via the Singapore-Kluang route, which is graced with smooth tarmac roads. In Just about three hours you will be in Kluang town, getting ready to explore it. The odds of being bored on the road are very slim; as the route offers beautiful country sides that you will be happy to feast your eyes on.

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