Journey from Singapore to Johor by bus

The Pleasures Of Traveling By Bus From Singapore To Johor

Traveling by bus from Singapore to Johor is arguably cheaper as opposed to air or when going by car. An approximation of two hours is needed for you to get to your destination so prior preparations need to be taken into account. After getting your ticket, you may be required to be in possession of it until the end of your journey. This is because at the border is where you get to switch buses and before boarding the next bus, you need to show your ticket otherwise you may be required to pay again!

The journey from Singapore to Johor by bus happens to have its own advantages that are not usually gotten when other means of transportation are undertaken. For instance, you get to enjoy a lot of space suitable for stretching in case you start getting tired along the way. The use of cell phones or laptops is allowed and you get to connect with family and friends while on your way to Johor Bahru. Since the scenery is splendid when you go by the bus, you could even consider taking pictures then send them to family and friends. They in return, get to experience the journey with you as if they were there.

The buses are usually flexible because when requested, they can make a few stops in the event that you need to buy something or use the washrooms. The amazing thing with buses that goes from Singapore to Johor is that they have boarding stations in numerous places! You do not need to go to one specific place to board the bus, which might be far from where you are alighting. This makes it convenient for most people which makes the bus the desired option.

Word of advice; traveling on Friday, weekends and public holidays is considered not the best time especially when you are in a hurry. This is because the roads are practically busy and you may be held up for quite some time. Though if you really have to travel, you might consider doing so either very early in the morning or late in the evening.

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