Pelangi Express

One of the most popular companies that provide coach services is Pelangi Express service center. Their office is situated in Jalan Garoda Larkin, Johor. They provide customers safety, comfort, and fastest means of travel. They cover major destinations in Malaysia and Singapore. Coaches are well equipped, and furnished with modern amenities. Drivers are highly trained professionals who strive to provide customers most comfortable and safe journey. Pelangi Experss service offers daily departures to major destination in Malaysia, which Include Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak, And Selangor. Most of the coaches originate from Johor. They also ensure that you get the best sightseeing experience. Ticket booking service is fast and reliable. Prices of the tickets are reasonable and lower than other coach services. Its customer service is one thing that stands out which makes extra effort to fulfill your every need. To get more information about their service and schedules, you can check out their website.

Pelangi Express

Pelangi Express coach details:-

Malaysia Address:
Bt-08 Paras 1, Komplex Pengangkutan Awam Larkin, Jalan Garoda Larkin, 
80350 Johor Bahru.

Bus Schedule

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Please Note: For all the information below, changes to fares and time schedules are at the discretion of the bus/coach operators. The time schedule and fares provided by only as a guide. Please contact the bus operators for most updated information.

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