Travel by express bus to Malaysia!

Why travel by express bus to Malaysia?

The express bus services are considered very popular to travelers who are moving back and forth from Singapore and Malaysia. Whether for business or for vacation purposes, you can travel by express bus to Malaysia. There are certain benefits that you can gain with this mode of transportation. This is highly suitable for those who are on a budget since the airplane tickets can be quite costly.


One reason why you should opt for an express bus is the convenience it provides due to the easy availability of pickup points and most are closely located near MRT stations. Of course, the luxury provided is greatly appreciated such as the spacious seats and space. Just bear in mind that your trip will be longer if compared to riding a plane. As for those who always want to be in touch with family members and friends, it is possible due to the availability of mobile network connectivity on the buses.

Comfortable and fast traveling time

Always bear in mind that the fare for a bus ride is relatively affordable but this depends on the comfort level that you want and the number of stops. A Malaysia to Singapore trip usually takes 5-7 hours. You can opt for the standard class at a more affordable rate or you can choose the luxury coaches that are priced higher yet you will enjoy more room and leg space.

Less hassle and better savings

Depending on the location where you want to go between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur by bus, it is relatively convenient to ride an express bus. In doing so, you can avoid the hassle of the airport transfer as well as help save on the costs for taxi fares.

Overall, you can opt to travel by express bus to Malaysia in order to enjoy the benefits stated. The best part about this mode of transportation is that you will surely enjoy the scenery along the way.

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