Travel to Kuantan from Singapore by bus

Bus from Singapore to Kuantan route is preferable by bus instead of any other means. The bus companies in Singapore offers direct travel service to Kuantan. This saves you the time you could have spent breaking your journey between these two cities. When you travel to Kuantan from Singapore by bus, you get to have a captivating view of the features along the way. The coaches on this route are comfortable and ensure you a smooth travel. In addition they have air conditioners hence a right atmosphere is maintained throughout.

The average travel duration to Kuantan from Singapore is between 4 to 5 hours. The buses usually stop shortly for refreshment breaks during the journey. The departure times are scheduled by individual bus companies and delays are minimized. The coach companies that provide Singapore to Kuantan services include Transnasional and Konsortium Express.

You are able to get an advance ticket for your trip. The booking is available online on and You can also enjoy a considerable discount by using the online booking. To travel to Kuantan from Singapore by bus costs from S$50. The fare varies from one Bus company to another. The online booking is convenient and time saving. Most bus companies have the fare for children lower than that paid by adults.

Kuantan which is the capital city of Pahang, Malaysia is an attractive tourist destination. Its beautiful natural sites qualify as being a top rated place. Touring this city is one of the awesome experiences you would not want to miss. The beautiful night view also contributes to the city’s unique features.

Various bus company has its pick-up point located on Lavender Street Junction off Kallang Bahru while the alighting point is at the Kuantan Sentral, Cherating Impiana Hotel. You can get a bus at Golden Mile Tower Singapore and alight at Golden Mile Complex, Kuantan.

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