Travel tips by bus from Singapore to Malaysia

There is nothing more Singaporeans love to do than travel. When it comes to travel choices Malaysia with her bustling and vibrant multicultural society represents a fantastic choice for the Singaporean traveler. Malaysia is a diverse wonderland that can captivate all of your senses. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, represents a myriad of delights for Singaporean tourists. The city is home to soaring skyscrapers that tower over a vibrant assortment of culture such as music festivals, tantalizing restaurants and, of course, the famous F1 Malaysian Grand Prix. Malaysia is also home to alluring and dense rainforests nestled against the expanse of the South China Sea. The best part of all this is that Malaysia can be reached by bus from Singapore in just under five hours making Malaysia the ultimate destination for the Singaporean fun seeker.

Buses leaving Singapore to Malaysia are attractively priced. Ranging from about 38-93 SGD one way, so there is a bus to suit everyone’s budget. Bus tickets can be purchased from one of the best bus booking services in the world today. allows you to pick your destination, select your travel dates and times, then compare from a multitude of different bus companies to find the seat that best suits you. There is no need to spend hours in an airport when does all the work for you.

Seats on all of Malaysia’s leading bus companies can be booked via Such leading companies as 707 Inc, Nice, and Qistna Express are all at your disposable. Even the leading Billion Stars Express with their comfortable coaches can be booked for your journey to Malaysia via These bus companies can pick you up at easily accessible locations in Singapore such as Queen St, The Golden Mile Complex, and The Textile Centre. You will then be dropped off at some of Malaysia’s most popular tourist destinations such as Berjaya Times Square, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, and Pudu Central.

It has never been easier to travel to Malaysia thanks to Now, instead of wasting hours away in airports, easy and affordable travel is at your fingertips. When booking a bus through you get to choose from many ticket options. You get to choose the pickup and drop off points that best suit you. You also get to choose from an extensive schedule so you can always travel during a day and time that’s best for you. Also, you don’t have to be crammed in a small airline seat when all the buses that can be booked via are built with comfort in mind ensuring a relaxing journey. You will also have the luxury of intermittent rest stops along the way so you can stretch your legs and refresh, you certainly can’t do that on an aero plane. 

So what are you waiting for? Let take the stress out of travelling so all you have to do is get your Malaysian adventure underway. 

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